Masuleh (stair city)

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Masuleh is an ancient small mountain-forest village which is one of the unique famous attractions in Iran. Located at 50 km from Rasht with the distance of 35 km southwest from Fooman .masule area is 16000 hectare and 1050 height above the Caspian Sea level. Masule is most famous for wonderful architecture designation with an antiquity of more than 1000 years. Masouleh is already registered as a historical landmark in national register of historic places (number 1090.)The unique point of the village is that roof of each house is the yard of another one. All buildings have 2 floors maximum and all the town is similar to a stair and remained in original tradition shape, corridors, aisles, stone stairs, colorful handicrafts, and many historical shops mixed in greens of natural forest. masule is the destination of thousands of eager visitors every year. Masouleh weather is pleasant and moderate and too snowy in winters. Due to being located on Caspian strip masule benefits rich soil and covered with luxuriant forests such as Tosca, Walnut, Hazelnut and Pasturages with natural waterfalls which created a magnificent natural of the advantages of masule area is that no automobiles or any kind of motorcycles are not allowed to enter the town due to its slope and narrow aisles. There are many unique handmade souvenir shops within the stairs which is the art of the local residents such as making charooq(a colorful scarf), giveh( special shoe), chamoosh ( kinds of shoes),woolen dolls, kind of rug called Jajim (coarse) and Gelim (short-napped coarse rug)